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We are proud sponsors of the Artificial Intelligence Group of Simón Bolivar University.

Some projects we are involved in.

Meals App

Mealsapp is a nutritionist in your pocket.

Track the food you eat, get guidance from a Registered Nutritionist Dietitian (yes, a real person!), visualize your eating patterns and behavior.

We have been involved in this project 100%.

We created the branding, and web presence. Designed the user experience and built the native iOS app.

Skills: User experience, HTML/CSS, Ruby, Objective C, JS.

Run time: Ongoing.


UCLA University - Chorus

An SMS messaging application for the health industry.

We created a set of Ruby Scripts that integrates into the TROPO API and created a Rails app around it.

Skills: Ruby, Rails, API Integration, SMS, Web Services, TROPO, TDD.

Run time: One month

Coming soon

Richard Dawkins Foundation

Richard Dawkins Foundation supports scientific education, critical thinking and evidence-based understanding of the natural world...

...in the quest to overcome religious fundamentalism, superstition, intolerance and human suffering.

We redesigned the web experience.

Skills: User experience, HTML/CSS.

Run time: 1 month

Coming soon


This page showcases the benefits of Inbound Marketing and how it can help your business.

We were involved in this project from design to implementation in HTML and CSS to adding some Javascript effects.

Skills: User experience, HTML/CSS.

Run time: 2 weeks.


Ketelet - Your Ideal Body Weight App

Ketelet is a simple app that tells you what your Ideal Body Weight is.

We have created this app from idea to execution and everything in between.

Skills: User experience, design, Objective C, RubyMotion.

Run time: 2 weeks.

Language Sprout

Language Sprout wanted to take their current language learning curriculum to an iPad game.

This application focuses on teaching kids Spanish lessons, where they learn by conjugating verbs, playing matching, memory, and sentence building games.

We were involved in this project from the user experience design to creating the iOS application.

Skills: User experience, HTML/CSS, Ruby, PhoneGap, JS.

Runtime: 3 months

Inline it

Inline it is an app that will let you upload your HTML and CSS and it will make it Inline for you.

For those of you that are caught creating email marketing campaigns, this app will solve all the headaches that are caused by translating into inlined HTML and CSS.

Skills: User experience, HTML/CSS, Ruby.

Runtime: 3 days.


Esturisti.co - Engagement Inbound page

The goal of this page is to inform community managers the meaning of the engagement of their users and how to improve it.

We came up with a 5 folds single page where we display the information neatly and give the opportunity to share it easly using social media.

Skills: Design, HTML/CSS.

Runtime: 1 week.


MealsApp - Vegetarianism Inbound page

This site was created for inbound marketing for Mealsapp.

The intend of this experience page if to provide the users with some information on why is important following a vegetarian diet, and quantifying the nutrients you receive from your meals.

Skills: Design, HTML/CSS.

Runtime: 1 week.


MealsApp - Holidays Inbound page

The intend of this site is to generate interest in nutrition throughout the holidays.

By giving value to our users throughout this time of the year Mealsapp increases its leads generation.

Skills: Design, HTML/CSS.

Runtime: 1 week.


MealsApp - Tips of Nutrition Inbound page

In collaboration with the best nutrition experts we created this Inbound piece to promote the best Nutrition tips.

Our intend with this Inbound website is to educate users in what the best properties of certain foods are.

Skills: Design, HTML/CSS.

Runtime: 1 week.


Open source projects.


Time logging for Asana.

(काल) denotes a fixed or right point in time.


This is a base project we use to start the party with Sinatra.

            heroku create --stack cedar


It sends messages to the Loggly API. We do this using resque or without it.

            class TicketLoggly < Loggly;
              def self.token
TicketLoggly.record("This the message")

Active record to simpledb

Sends active record objects to simpledb.

Imagine you have an Active Record model like:

            class TicketSale < ActiveRecord::Base

You can just include each of the callbacks depending on your needs:

            class TicketSale < ActiveRecord::Base
              include ActiveRecordToSimpledb::Callbacks::Create


Allows InApp Purchases

            $ gem install helu